• Boxes for desserts and snacks

  • Boxes for cereals and biscuits

  • Boxes for fresh and frozen products

  • Charcuterie packaging

  • Other packaging for the food industry

Food packaging: feed your sales.

Food packaging responds to food security needs, while still highlighting the product in order to help with sales.

Calheiros Embalagens develops the outer boxes for these products, bringing together various materials and solutions to make them appealing at the point of sale.

Discover some of the food packaging we produce.


Sweets and snacks

Window packaging for product visibility, counter displays, display boxes, among others.


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Cookies and cereals

Boxes that protect and draw attention to the product.


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Fresh and frozen products

Packaging boxes for everything from grams to kilograms.


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Glued packages or boxes for larger quantities.


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Other food products

Bag in Box for liquids.


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