A company with a past turned to the future.

Calheiros Embalagens started out as a small printing company. Over the years, and with the expansion of the business area, it has grown and today is seen as a top reference in the packaging sector.


The history of Calheiros Embalagens.

In 1968, João Carlos Gonçalves Calheiros started the activity of what today is Calheiros Embalagens. At that time, the business area was typography, with the main product being printed office supplies.


The start of cardboard packaging production.

The production of cardboard packaging began with the purchase of the first offset printing machine in 1972. Printing was done using only one colour.

In 1974, the entrepreneurial spirit that is part of Calheiros Embalagens' DNA led to the purchase of a second offset printing machine. At the same time, the firm Organização Gráfica Calheiros, Lda was set up.


Greater professionalization and sustained growth.

The first major expansion occurred in the early 1980s, more specifically in 1983. From a small space on Rua da Alegria, in Porto, Calheiros Embalagens moved to one with 1,000 m2, installing another single colour offset printer.

Growth also dictated a strategy to increase productivity, with the complement and updating of the technological process and a stronger focus on the training of the workforce. A system for collecting and compacting recyclable waste was also adopted.


The computerization of processes.

In the last two decades of the 20th century, the development of the printing area was naturally extended to other sections of Calheiros Embalagens.

In the graphic preparation - layout, photolithography, and engraving - complete automation was carried out with the computerization of the design, the creation of models, photocomposition, and high-precision engraving.

The finishing, cutting, and creasing section, the application of micro-corrugated cardboard, and the closing of boxes kept pace with the computerization process, with new technologies being applied to ensure higher levels of quality in the production of Calheiros Embalagens. In 1993, Calheiros Embalagens became the first company with autonomy in the manufacture of cutters with automatic blade bending.

In these 20 years, the production area was expanded to an area of 3,000 m2.


The Growing Environmental Concern.


The growth of Calheiros Embalagens only makes sense with an ever-present environmental concern. In this sense, the current business model is in line with a circular economy perspective. Examples of this circularity are ecodesign, which uses raw materials and more efficient technologies that allow for the reduction of resources to minimize environmental impacts and prevent pollution.

The company carries out an energy audit on an annual basis, identifying opportunities for reduction and more efficient use of gas and electricity.


Reduce the Environmental Footprint.

Circular Economy.


Constant investment.

The entry into the 21st century sees one of the largest investments in Calheiros Embalagens. The new 9000 m2 premises allow for the installation of new production units, increasing the company's response capacity. Large format box closing machines also allow for the response to new customer requests.

Constant innovation also led to the installation of a humidification system in the entire plant in order to maintain all the characteristics and quality of the boxes produced.

The desire to innovate was also the drive for the purchase of new production equipment over time, such as:

  • a new cutter, for the simultaneous cutting of 2 reels;
  • a printing machine with UV technology, increasing the range of possible finishes and the possibility of printing on a plastic base;
  • a die-cutting machine fully automated at both ends and capable of mass packaging production;
  • a new blade cutting and folding machine;
  • a micro-corrugated and pasting machine;
  • artificial vision for quality control;
  • fully automatic packaging systems.

But innovation is not just about production. A cutting machine manufacturing workshop equipped with a new laser was created as a result of the increasing attention to detail.

The plotter for the execution of the models before production allows us to improve our computer modelling work and offer the client the visualization of the final work.


Investment puts us ahead.

Calheiros Embalagens, currently with an area of approximately 15,800 m2, wants to position itself as a top reference in packaging production. This ambition is achieved by constant investment, which has led us to be first:

  • in CTP technology - computer to plate - eliminating films;
  • to manufacture corrugated cardboard with pasted board in the same process;
  • in producing a double wall board;
  • in printing in the format 1200 x 1640 mm in the Iberian Peninsula.
Our mission Image

Our mission

Customer focus. This is our great mission as a company that produces corrugated board and cardboard.


To fulfill our mission, we invest in innovation and the know-how that we have been gaining over time; knowledge only possible by investing in technology and the constant training of our human resources. An investment that allows us to offer quality and meet our customers’ demands, both in terms of product and marketing.

Our vision Image

Our vision

We want to continue to be a top reference in our area. We intend to continue to innovate, change, and invest in ourselves to offer the best solutions to our customers.


Our vision is fulfilled every day by valuing our customers’ brands through the packaging we produce, because we know that our customers’ success is a part of our success.

Our values Image

Our values

We are a whole. A characteristic that is supported by the values by which we govern our business and our relations, both internally and externally.


 Internally the fundamental values are:

• Promotion of safety, accident prevention, and risk reduction for all employees.

• Respect for each person.

• Decreased impact on natural resources.


 Externally, the values that guide us are:

• Ambition to always do more and better.

• Leadership in the market.

• Honesty and integrity in relations with suppliers and customers.

Ethics to be followed at all times and in all situations.

• Innovation and quality to offer the best solutions.

• Objectivity and simplicity in our performance.


Our firm belief is that only through these values are we able to value not only our business but society itself, helping to create better conditions for everyone.

Quality, environment and safety certifications. Image

Quality, environment and safety certifications.

The constant investment made by Calheiros Embalagens was extended to the certification of processes in order to guarantee the quality of the products and the company's operation.

The company offers safe and healthy working conditions. We invest in the reduction and control of risks, in the compliance with safety standards, and we prioritize the prevention of incidents and occupational diseases.

                           To certify is to recognize the effectiveness of performance.

                                 More health and more security for everyone.

Chain of Custody and environmental responsibility

The raw materials used by Calheiros Embalagens are from forests. In order to preserve this essential asset for each of us, we contribute to the development of environmental solutions for the conservation and protection of forests.

Calheiros Embalagens has been implementing the FSC® chain of custody forest certification systems since 2018. In this way, we are committed to supporting responsible forest management practices that protect biodiversity and ecosystem integrity, resulting in long-term social and economic benefits.

                           Respect for the environment.

Social Responsibility

Calheiros Embalagens puts employees and their satisfaction and development at the top of the company’s priorities.

Aware of our responsibility to each person who works with us, we seek to listen, respond, and improve the organization's work, continuously and on a daily basis, based on four pillars:

• contribute to the employees’ development;

• share successes;

• enhance decision making;

• promote well-being in the workplace.

As part of this initiative, an opinion and performance evaluation study is carried out on an annual basis. The objective is to measure the involvement and commitment of each one and, at the same time, promote our employees’ self-awareness and self-assessment.

Various areas of activity are analysed, such as career opportunities, benefit compensation, training and development, safety, diversity, communication, leadership, recognition, appreciation, among others. 

This way of operating our business makes us an attractive company, which manages to retain the best people.

                           Be a top reference employer.

                                Share smiles.

                                Develop and enable us to go further together.