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Food Products, Textiles, Ceramics, Glass, Household devices, Steel, Shoe Industries and others.


To fulfill its mission, Calheiros Packaging, S.A., a certified organization in the making of both carton and cardboard lithographed packaging, settles its mission in the progressive improvement of its System of Integrated Quality Management, Environment and Safety.

The organization has been implementing processes, procedures and good practices which have allowed value increase through a sustainable development as well as attaining differential advantages in more competitive markets.


The cardboard packaging is per se a product which respects the Environment because it is the only natural and renewable packaging material.

According to some european studies, consumers consider cardboard packages  the most perfect environmental choice, for, apart from being recyclable, the cardboard packaging industries have been adopting more and more responsible attitudes towards the Environment for the past years. Having been certified at the environmental level, Calheiros Embalagens, S.A. has its  own residue managing system.  After having been cut, paper and cardboard wastes are properly pressed and stacked, to be collected by wastes recovering enterprises which will  classify and revaluate them afterwards.



High-tech lets us manufacture the projects conceived by our team of professionals,  having in consideration every little detail, idea and concept so that the result be perfect.

Creativity and Innovation

A team of both creative people and technical designers  devote their entire effort and large experience in conceiving original packaging. The creation of new lines and shape gives way to impact, which has become a tool for the sales marketing.

Where we are

We are present in some major market sectors and export to for several countries such as Spain, Sweden, Ireland, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium and China.


Certified by the NP EN ISSO 9002 (Quality Management) since 2000, Calheiros Embalagens is certified once again in 2003 by the Integrated Management System for Quality, Environment and Security. (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001).

Calheiros Embalagens

We are a plant with 45 years of experience whose main goal is to serve the demanding packaging consumption market in quality, rigour and quickness.

The company is located in Ermesinde, Oporto, near by the major airport and port of Leixões, and it has a production area capacity of 9.000m2 and 3.000m2 of raw material and finished products.

Packaging has been playing a more and more fundamental role in the commercialization of the product once it contributes to attract customers, being thus recognized and identified while creating the wish to buy.

Apart from the awareness of its technical functions, such as protection, transportation easiness, comfort and preservation of the product, packaging assures relevant communication purposes at the service of the product.

Try to place your product in a shapeless and colourless packaging without any functionality.

We work with quality. We value and reinforce the identity of your Brand.


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Producing and developing solutions for printed packaging allied to quality, innovation and technology, aiming to satisfy the clients, shareholders, collaborators, society and the environment, in a sustainable and responsible way.


To be recognised as the market leader in the production of printed packaging.


Quality and innovation in packaging design

  • BAG-IN-BOX 1,5L 3L 5L 10L 20L
  • CRASHLOCK BASE BOX WITH INSERTS FOR BOTLLES – Different raw materials and finishing material solutions -
  • HEXAGONAL COFFEE PODS DISPLAY – Wide range of materials such as cardboard, F flute, E flute and B flute
  • EXHIBITORS – Exhibitors creations which combine aesthetics and functionality
  • EXHIBITORS - Materials suited to clients’ requirements
  • TRAY - Appropriate package for transport and direct promotion on point of sale
  • CRASHLOCK BASE BOX (BAG TYPE) FOR 3 BOTTLES, WITH DOUBLE CORD – Packaging creations focused on clients marketing needs
  • WRAP AROUND - Products promotions with innovative and appealing solutions
  • CRASHLOCK BASE BOX (FOR CAKES/PIES/PUDDING) WITH HOLDER -  Packages created accordingly with the needs of clients´ sales and supply chain requirements
  • DISPLAY BOX - Creation of unique packaging series for exclusive promotions
  • TURN OVER BOX (FOR SMALL CAKES) WITH PVC WINDOW - Finishing aligned with  market requirements
  • CRASHLOCK BASE BOX (FOR BOTTLES) WITH HOLDER - Assure a faster product package assembly
Manufactured Packages with Offset Printing on Cardboard, F flute, E flute, and B flute.
Exhibitors designed to match the needs of each client regarding the aesthetics and functional package requirements.





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